The Essence Sandalwood

Sweet, but also earthy and woody, sensual and oriental spicy - These fragrance characteristics are attributed to sandalwood, which is why sandalwood is found in many great fragrances, as it wonderfully carries and emphasizes the other components of a perfume.
But what exactly is sandalwood, how is it obtained, and what else is it used for besides making perfume?

What is sandalwood?

The name "sandalwood" basically describes different woods that are extracted from trees of the genus "Santulum". The different sandalwoods are also distinguished according to the colors red, yellow and white. Real sandalwood is called "Santalum Album", a tree that is exclusively native to India.
This tree grows up to 10 meters high and develops the essential oil, which is responsible for the typical smell and which is used for perfume production, only after approx. 25 years. Sandalwood scent has a calming effect above all and also helps against nervous restlessness. Meanwhile, especially in cosmetics, by the way, both the natural and synthetic sandalwood fragrance is used.
How sandalwood is used
Sandalwood is used all over the world with pleasure in perfumes, because it carries a fragrance as already mentioned and underlines the other fragrances very nicely. In India, sandalwood is also popularly used in incense. For this purpose, one usually takes red sandalwood. It helps in meditation, or in Ayurvedic rituals. Sandalwood has thus also a firm place in the healing art and in the aromatherapy.
Here in our country, sandalwood oil is also often used in massages or sauna infusions, as it has a very calming effect on the body, but stimulates the mind.

Sandalwood with Philly&Phill

Sandalwood is also part of the base or heart notes in several Philly&Phill fragrances. For example, a favorite for the ladies is "Date me in Downtown", which contains oud and vanilla in the base notes in addition to sandalwood. The heart note contains plum, orange blossom and jasmine and the top note impresses with apple, saffron and cherry. Here, the sandalwood for everything underlines the sweet and fruity components and rounds off the fragrance. "Date me in Downton" is tangy light and yet deep and elegant.
But sandalwood is also a very popular component in men's fragrances, such as in "Romeo on the Rocks." Here, the sandalwood scent is part of the heart note, which is built on musk and moss. In addition to sandalwood, the heart note also includes cedar and magnolia. The fragrance is rounded out by bergamot, pear, lemon and galbanum in the top notes. This fragrance is icy, sexy, masculine and fresh, yet has a certain depth. Here rather the woody notes of sandalwood come to the fore- A fragrance that is perfect for the modern gentleman.

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