Romeo on the Rocks - The matching drink to the fragrance.

"Romeo on the Rocks" is icy, sexy, masculine, fresh and equally deep. A perfume that exudes strength, the desire to conquer and charm.
This is how we describe one of our absolute bestsellers for men, and what could be more natural than to reveal a matching cocktail recipe for the fragrance today? We went on a search, sniffed and tasted, and let ourselves be inspired by the incomparable notes of "Romeo on the Rocks". In the end, we found a drink that we think goes perfectly with "Romeo on the Rocks" and whose recipe we will reveal today.

Which fragrance notes does "Romeo on the Rocks" contain?
In the base notes, musk and moss give the fragrance a classic masculine and strong facet, making it deep and grounding. Cedar, sandalwood and magnolia provide an exciting twist in the heart notes and add an amazing soft side. Bergamot pear, lemon and galbanum give "Romeo on the Rocks" a fresh and wild, but also tart side, making it the perfect companion for an exciting evening. A fragrance for the modern gentleman with several, but not too many facets.

The drink to go with the fragrance - The Sazerac
When choosing a drink to go with the fragrance, we were inspired not only by the scent notes in "Romeo on the Rocks", but also by how it is structured and at which point it has the special twist. In fact, it's the same with the Sazerac, a variation of the "Old Fashioned" that is both classic and modern, with lemon and absinthe adding that certain something.

6cl rye whiskey
1 BL sugar syrup
2 Dash Peychaud Bitters
1 BL Absinthe

First, fill the glass with crushed ice and add a splash of absinthe. In another mixing glass, all other ingredients are added, topped with ice cubes and stirred for 30 seconds. Ice is removed from the first glass and the drink is strained into the pre-chilled glass. Finally, garnish with a lemon zest.

This drink is one-cold, elegant and modern at the same time, capturing the spirit of "Romeo on the Rocks" in every way. Sexy, masculine and thanks to absinthe and lemon with that certain something.

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