The Essence Musk

Musk is contained in many fragrances, especially in men's fragrances, but the scent is also popular in the unisex sector or among women. It is not easy to describe the smell of musk, because it is perceived very differently. Sometimes leathery, sometimes sweetish, usually somehow animalic. It is not for nothing that musk forms a wonderful base note in several Philly&Phill fragrances, which supports all the other notes and makes a fragrance simply irresistible.

So today we explain where musk comes from in the first place, how it used to be extracted, and why synthetic substances are responsible for the incomparable musk scent in perfumery today.

What exactly does musk smell like?
There are basically very many different types of musk, such as white musk, Tonkin musk from Tibet or China, or Bengal musk from India. These do not smell the same, of course, but the base is similar and for many musk types there are now synthetic alternatives, which we will come to in a moment. Basically, however, it can be said that musk, as already mentioned, forms a very good base for fragrances. It often smells familiar and warm, sometimes eroticizing and often relaxing. Responsible for this are certain components in musk that have a pheromone-like structure. These are the scents that unconsciously guide us in choosing a partner. That is why musk gives a fragrance a warm and sexy note.

How was musk obtained in the past and what is it made of today?
Naturally, musk is created in the musk gland of the male deer, also known as musk deer in the past. However, this is incredibly expensive to produce, as one animal only gives off about 30gr of musk secretion, and of course it is not very animal-friendly. It was possible at some point to take the secretion from the animals alive, but still this is of course somewhere unnecessary and just insanely expensive. Natural musk has therefore not been used in fragrances since the 1970s, but instead synthetic alternatives are used. There are now different variants that also reflect the different types of musk and thus form an animal-friendly alternative.

Which Philly&Phill fragrances contain musk?
Musk forms the base note in "Romeo on the Rocks" along with moss. "Romeo on the Rocks" is icy, sexy, masculine, fresh and deep in equal measure. A perfume that exudes strength, conquest and charm.
In the base notes, musk and moss give the fragrance a classically masculine and strong facet, making it deep and grounding. Cedar, sandalwood and magnolia provide an exciting twist in the heart notes and add an amazing soft side. Bergamot pear, lemon and galbanum give "Romeo on the Rocks" a fresh and wild, yet tart side, making it the perfect companion for an exciting evening.

Even more musk can be found in "Easy for Ecstasy", as there the base note consists of "musk, musk, musk and a touch of love". "Easy for Ecstasy" is a fragrance that unfolds slowly, builds gradually and ends up being like a drugged rush that completely captivates lovers. Amber and cedar wood flow from the heart notes, giving a clear yet loving depth. What began with love ends with love, as white musk rounds out the perfume perfectly in the top notes. "Easy for Ecstasy" is a fragrance that comes without much fuss and is a must for all musk lovers!

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