Midnight on Max Street - Maximilianstraße

It radiates exclusivity and luxury, has the most beautiful buildings in Munich and is as much a part of the city as the Theresienwiese or the city hall on Marienplatz - we are talking about Maximilianstraße in the heart of Munich.

Maximilianstraße is certainly one of the most beautiful streets and is one of the 4 boulevards of the city. The buildings, which combine elements of different style epochs such as Neo-Gothic or Renaissance, make the Maximilianstraße unique in terms of urban planning and exude a very special charm.

So today you will get to know a few facts about one of Munich's most famous streets, which is one of the most sophisticated and exclusive shopping miles in Germany.

The construction of Maximilianstraße began in 1852 and was planned by the architect Georg Friedrich Christian Bürklein. By the way, he had also designed Munich's main train station. The engineer Arnold von Zenetti was in charge of the construction and Carl von Effner was responsible for the planting. Architecturally, as already mentioned, elements of neo-Gothic and Renaissance are included, which at the time was not only met with a positive response, but also brought a lot of criticism. From today's perspective, however, Maximilianstraße is unique in its appearance and most Munich residents like the look of the boulevard. By the way, during World War 2 the buildings were severely damaged, but fortunately they were rebuilt and the old facades were also reconstructed. After the war, Maximilianstraße then developed into a sophisticated shopping mile and numerous designers and also traditional Munich houses settled there. Even today, Maximilianstraße exudes this incomparable luxury and it is simply fun to stroll along and let the atmosphere effect on you.

"Midnight on Max Street" by Philly & Phill captures exactly this special and luxurious mood on a balmy summer night in a unique perfume. It is the scent of luxury, extraordinary bars, classy accessories, exquisite restaurants and extravagant personalities. "Midnight on Max Street" is the "place-to-be" perfume, a tribute to the walk in the dark midnight, while the illuminated shop windows touch the inner longing. Because nowhere is window shopping and strolling even late at night as impressive and extraordinary as on Munich's Maximilanstrasse. In the base note "Midnight on Max Street" contains oud and vanilla, together they form the sweet and at the same time spicy oriental basis of the perfume. Plum, rose and cinnamon in the heart note give the fragrance a particularly warm and almost soft side, which is excellently balanced by the freshness of orange and pink berries in the top note. A fragrance that perfectly matches the pulsating life on the Maximiliansstraße of this world and incomparably unites their atmosphere. Munich's Maximilianstraße is and remains unique and with "Midnight on Max Street" its flair and charisma are perfectly captured olfactorically.

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