The origin of the boudoir

'She was alone in her bedroom. In front of the mirror she was putting the finishing touches to her look, leaving nothing to fate. Full of confidence, she prepared herself to be admired for her unprecedented elegance and femininity. She put on her high heels and left the room. The thought of the coming evening put a smile on her face.'

So begins our love letter to "Boudoir Belle", one of our most feminine fragrances that exudesan unmistakable powdery sex appeal. And because we love "Boudoir Belle" so much, todaywe want to get to the bottom of "boudoir" as such. What is it about this legendary room and why does the term directly exude this sex appeal, which nevertheless somehow seemsinnocent?  

"Boudoir" comes from the French and is derived from "bouder", which means "to sulk / be in a bad mood". At first glance, this doesn't sound like the sex appeal and erotic mood we associate with the boudoir today. Originally, the boudoir was a small, elegantly furnishedroom where the lady of the house could retire, later also simply a dressing room. The boudoirgot its erotic component mainly through the classic "Philosophy in the Boudoir" by the Marquis de Sartre.

Boudoir painting also played an important role, as it was here that women were first paintedin a sensual context in their private chambers. Today, the counterpart to this would be boudoirphotography, which exudes something erotic, but does not necessarily have to do with nudity.

The boudoir no longer has anything to do with sulking or being in a bad mood, but exudes a unique eroticism. And what could be more beautiful than to set up your own little boudoir. And be it only a certain corner in the bedroom. With a dressing table that says "Boudoir Belle", ready to be used on a very special evening. Together with the special lingerie and the little black dress.

"Boudoir Belle" captivates with benzoin, musk and vanilla in the base note, which gives the fragrance a deep sexiness. In the heart note rose and ylang-ylang help the fragrance withclassic floral components to just that unprecedented elegance and hawthorn and aldehydes in the top note give it its distinctive, powdery pure fragrance note.

A perfume that is both classic and modern - absolutely sophisticated - and skillfullyreinterprets the crackling and charged tension, as well as the pure beauty of a boudoir.

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