The history of the opera

"Out at the Opera" is a fragrance full of consistency and depth, but at the same time light, sensual and elegant. A fragrance for the grand entrance, but also for the small moments. And because we love not only the fragrance but also the whole mood it spreads so much, here's a little crash course in "opera" today What exactly is an opera, since when has it existed and where does its fascination come from?

The term "opera" comes from the Italian "opera in musica", which means "musical work". The opera is a musical genre of the theater that emerged at the beginning of the Baroque eraaround 1600. In addition, the opera house or the respective performing company can also becalled "opera".

In opera, a dramatic poem is usually performed by an ensemble of singers, often accompaniedby an orchestra and/or choir. Of course, sets and costumes are also part of it, although thereare also minimalist variants here, especially in modern opera.

In 1637, the Teatro San Cassiano in Venice was opened as the first public opera house. Shortly thereafter, other venues were built and Venice, with its "Venetian opera," became the opera center of northern Italy. Originally, by the way, the audience was mainly non-noble. However, the program was determined by the moneyed nobility based on audience taste. Onlya few years later the audience of the opera houses was more aristocratic and here the centerwas mainly further south in Naples.

By the way, the difference with the musical or the operetta is that in the opera there is onlysinging. In the operetta or in a musical there is also spoken dialogue.

The opera has nowadays therefore gladly times something fastidious, since it is not rarelyperformed in original language, as for example Italian. Thus, the opera exudes somethingexclusive and special and exactly this mood we have taken as a model for "Out at the Opera".

The base note in "Out for the Opera" convinces with musk and wood and forms a very pure and consistent foundation. Leather and rose give the fragrance sensuality and depth in itsheart note, which is rounded off by nutmeg and saffron in the top note.

"Out for the Opera" is one of those fragrances that do not need much at all and convince withtheir purity and depth. A perfume that smells incredibly elegant, almost magical and just asspecial as the opera itself.

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