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Love Bracelet


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Introducing the "Philly & Phill" Bracelet – a profound token of affection. This fabric bracelet, with its understated black and grey hues, carries the iconic Philly & Phill logo – a symbol of love's enduring essence.

Every bracelet is thoughtfully created to be a canvas for your scent. While it arrives unscented, the fabric is chosen for its exceptional ability to hold and carry your chosen Philly & Phill fragrance with you throughout the day. The simple tassel cords and slide closure ensure a perfect fit, a gentle reminder of love’s embrace on your wrist.

Ideal for gifting or personal indulgence, this bracelet is a vessel for your fragrance, a personal touch that becomes uniquely yours once imbued with your chosen scent.

Add the "Philly & Phill" Bracelet to your collection – a symbol of love ready to be infused with your personal essence.

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